13yo Child Dies After Attempting Social Media Challenge

(Daily360.com) – Australian’s Paul and Andrea Haynes buried their 13-year old daughter Esra after she died from an online trend known as “chroming.” The trend is not altogether new as it’s basically the same as ones from the recent past which were known as “huffing” or “sniffing.” A person inhales the chemicals being emitting by an aerosol spray product to get a quick high feeling. This trend is called chroming because it originated with chrome-based paints. The Haynes’ are speaking out trying to warn other parents about this “silly trap” and dying from such a “silly thing.” Paul Haynes reflects on what he calls the “ripple effect” the loss of a child has on a parent’s life.

Esra inhaled the fumes from an aerosol deodorant can on March 31st. She went into cardiac arrest, and was put on life support where she remained for eight days prior to doctors declaring her brain non-function and irreparable. The Haynes’ then made the devastating decision to remove their daughter from the life support machines and Esra subsequently passed away at just 13 years old. As they try to process the events leading up to this terrible incident, Andrea Hayes recalls that it was a day like any other; Esra was going to “hang out with her mates.”

Esra Haynes is not the only victim of chroming, two 16 year old boys died from it earlier in the year. Following Esra’s death the Victoria Education Department has pledged to spread awareness about the dangers and potential fatal consequences of chroming. Paul and Andrea are also pushing for schools to teach kids CPR and are lobbying aerosol companies to look into their formulations to see if perhaps less chemical toxicity would be possible. Some Australian retailers have begun to stock aerosol deodorants behind glass in an attempt to curb purchases by teenagers.

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