3 Reasons You Should Rethink Your RV Retirement Plan

3 Reasons You Should Rethink Your RV Retirement Plan

(Daily360.com) – Perhaps one of the most dreamed-about retirement plans is to buy a recreational vehicle (RV) and travel the country. While the option seems like a great way for someone to live out their golden years, the actual lifestyle might not be as great as it looks. Here are some reasons to think twice about any-based RV retirement plans.

RVs Are Expensive

These vehicles often cost tens of thousands of dollars, so whether a person chooses to buy a new or used RV, they’ll be spending a pretty penny. Aside from the initial purchase cost, people often spend more money to improve or update the interior space to meet their needs. Even more, are the common costs that come with owning any type of vehicle: insurance, repairs and regular maintenance. You’ll also have to find or rent a place to stay should your RV need to go in for maintenance. Even worse? While the value of a home may fluctuate with the market, most appreciate. An RV’s value, like a car’s, will only depreciate over time.

Nomadic Hassles

While wandering the country may sound romantic, don’t forget RV living doesn’t provide the same type of solid foundation you may have with a home. Privacy is no more when parked amongst others, especially if your neighbors are loud or enjoy excessive music. Need medical care? You may be further from a doctor, urgent care, or hospital than you really need. And what about the weather? Thin walls mean you will feel the heat and cold more than in a traditional home, depending on whether or not the RV is properly insulated and alternative energy hookups are available.

Big Yet Small

Despite how big some RVs are, they’re still relatively small on the inside. Switching to a mobile lifestyle means considerable downsizing. Some people don’t mind tight quarters, especially if they spend the majority of their days out and about. Those who like privacy and room to spread out may not be as happy.

These are only a few examples of why RV living might be harder than it looks. Prospective buyers should do their homework before taking the plunge, seriously considering every aspect of their lifstyle.

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