3D Printed Guns Banned From Buyback Programs

(Daily360.com) – An upcoming New Mexico gun buyback program will not be accepting any 3d printed guns or gun parts. Authorities in the state say the rise in gun crimes has led them to partner for a gun buyback event on December 9th in a large municipal parking lot. It will be conducted by the Farmington N.M. Police Department and a group called New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence.

The co-president of the group, Miranda Viscoli, said they have been trying to put this kind of event together in Farmington for a couple of years and this is a good time to see it come to fruition. The Farmington Police Chief, Steve Hebbe, said that any gun that’s turned it will earn compensation for the person giving it and should any gun be found out to have been stolen it will be returned to its rightful owner.

Vispoli says her organization differs from some others in that it is not an “anti-gun” group but is instead a group that promotes “reasonable gun laws.” She said the event’s primary purpose is to “get unwanted guns out of circulation.” She added that most of the guns turned in at the event will be disassembled there and the resulting scrap metal will be turned over to local scrap yards.

Vispoli says that her group has so far been responsible for getting roughly 2,000 firearms off the streets, of which she says about 40% were semi-automatic style rifles. At the event in Farmington an ‘assault weapon’ earns the person a $250 gift card, any form of semi-automatic gun earns a $200 gift card and pistols, long guns and revolvers earn a $100 gift card.

The ban on 3d printed guns and parts is likely a result of a New Yorker that printed about 100 hand gun parts on a 3d printer. He then drove his creations from the NYC metro area to Ithaca, New York, turned them into the buyback program and made $21,000 for his efforts.

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