49ers’ Unusual Coin Flip Strategy Backfires

(Daily360.com) – The NFL’s Super Bowl was held on February 11 and ended with some controversy in overtime. The storylines heading into the game revolved around Kansas City Chiefs star players Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, and of course, Kelce’s current girlfriend, singer Taylor Swift. The multiple Grammy award winner was shown several times, laughing, drinking and watching the game.

The game was close for the majority with the San Francisco 49ers leading for most of it. However, in the fourth quarter the game grew closer and the Chiefs caught up to San Francisco and tied the game with three seconds left on the clock. The Super Bowl then went to overtime for only the second time in its 58-year history.

This year the game was played with new overtime rules. Under the new rules the team with the ball first would not win with any particular score. The opposing team would have one possession to match or best what the first team did prior to any sudden death score to win.

The overtime coin toss was won by the 49ers and Coach Kyle Shanahan elected to receive the ball. Many people watching the game including its announcers questioned this choice. They felt it put more pressure on his team because if they scored, the Chiefs would be able to plan for four downs instead of three. The 49ers scored a field goal and left the Chiefs an opportunity to match it or win the game with a touchdown.

The Chiefs marched down the field and won the game on a touchdown. Many players for the 49ers admitted they did not know how the new rules worked and were confused by the overtime. Shanahan said he chose the ball because he felt the tactical advantage would be his on a third possession with a chance to win assuming the game was still tied. Opposing Coach Andy Reid said that had his team won the coin toss he would have chosen to kick off. The decision has been questioned and will likely haunt Shanahan throughout the summer.

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