A Fox News Falling Out? Fans Have Only One Question

Media Mogul Reportedly Won't Support Trump

Media Mogul Reportedly Won’t Support Trump

(Daily360.com) – Australian-born entrepreneur, Rupert Murdoch, owns a slew of media companies, including Fox News, The Sun, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. At 91 years old, Murdoch is arguably the most influential person in the industry.

Through former President Donald Trump’s campaigns, the mogul used his various outlets to boost the businessman-turned-politician’s popularity — but not anymore. After Trump refused to concede his loss after the 2020 election, and in response to the Capitol riot that shortly followed, Murdoch reportedly washed his hands of the former president.

Pulling Support

According to Reuters, unnamed sources close to Murdoch revealed he told Trump he would not support his then-hinted 2024 presidential run. The entrepreneur even went so far as to say he would sooner back the Democrat running against him than the former president himself. After Trump’s announcement on November 15 that he would indeed be trying for another four years in the White House, Murdoch’s position became evident.

During the previous leader’s announcement speech, Fox News “cut away” for conservative commentary instead of focusing on Trump’s words. The slight was telling, as the media outlet was one of the reasons the former president gained so much popularity and support in his bid for the Oval Office in the first place. A savvy businessman, Murdoch reportedly realized in the early days of Trump’s political career that his controversial words were always big news, and that meant big bucks in the media sector.

This time, reports indicate the mogul has no interest in throwing his support to the former commander in chief. On November 10, the New York Post depicted Trump as “Trumpty Dumpty,” poking fun at him for his inability to “build a wall.”

After the 45th president threw his hat in the ring for another White House run, the Post simply referred to him as “Florida man” and buried his announcement on page 26.

Experts Weigh In

The big question about Murdoch’s lack of support this time around is whether it even matters anymore. The mogul used so much clout to propel Trump to political stardom. Could the momentum keep him going despite the entrepreneur turning his back?

University of London at Birkbeck lecturer Robert Topinka told Newsweek with the years of support given to Trump by the conservative media, it will be hard for members to “extricate themselves.” Even though Murdoch has turned away, Topinka says the former leader still has promotion from far-right sources like OANN.

The impact Fox News and others will have on his 2024 campaign, conservative ideology expert Catherine Tebaldi concludes, depends on how far the source is willing to turn its back. In the end, she believes the outlet’s lack of support might not have much of an impact.

Do you think Trump can win the presidency without Murdoch’s help?

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