Abbott Slams NYC Mayor for ‘Insane’ Migrant Credit Card Proposal

( – Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is blasting New York City Mayor Eric Adams over his initiative to give illegal aliens tax-payer-funded credit cards. The Republican governor of the Lone Star State called Adams’ plan “insanity” and was completely baffled as to why Adams would initiate such an action.

Abbott said Adams’ plan is “offensive” and the “most reprehensible” thing he’d seen in days. Abbott has been the center of attention since a Supreme Court ruling gave the federal government permission to cut down razor wire obstructions he erected to stem the tide of illegal alien flow across the border. He has said that ruling will not deter him from putting up more barriers including razor wire. His decision seemed to put him at odds with Joe Biden’s federal government.

Eric Adams has been lamenting his city’s financial woes due to Texas shipping so many illegals to the city that Adams declared a sanctuary for illegals. He’s asked the federal government for funding to help meet city shortfalls. The federal government has not been willing to meet Adams’ request and the mayor is currently using tax payer money to house migrants everywhere from NYC hotels to schools. The expense of this has been massive and adding these funded credit cards to the mix has baffled many people other than Greg Abbott.

Adams’ representatives are defending the credit card plan. They say it will begin with 500 illegal alien families who are currently residing in NYC hotels as a means to replace the current food services from the hotel. The mayor’s office said that migrants will only be able to use the cards at local supermarkets and convenience stores. They say the aliens will be asked to sign an affidavit swearing to only spend the credit card money on things like food and baby supplies, or risk not getting the card balance renewed. A family of four will receive $1,000 each month, which will then be re-filled every 28 days. If successful, Adams plans to expand the already $53 million program to all 15,000 migrants staying in the city and could expand it even further as more arrive.

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