Afghan Women Open Up About Taliban Takeover

( – It’s now been two years since the Biden Administration’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that returned the dreaded Taliban to power in the war-torn nation. After years of combat, trillions of dollars and mass casualties all-around, some citizens of the Middle Eastern nation say things are worse than ever, especially for women. The Taliban have formed an “Islamic government” which means Sharia law for all who reside there. 

Woman may no longer attend schools, their job opportunities are few, they may not enjoy parks or sports and all female-owned beauty salons are now closed down. A woman profiled by CBS News named Fatima is now an 18-year old with a very limited future. She was once a tenth grader preparing for college but that like so many other things that changed under the Taliban, her schooling ended on August 15th of 2022. She has not seen her school friends in two years and her dreams of becoming a doctor have been replaced by some sewing classes in Kabul. Fatima said she longs for her school days and misses every minute she had there. 

Another woman profiled named Nazanin who is 26 and formerly attended medical school now takes anti-depressants after having been barred from university by the Taliban. The woman’s mother says she would sell everything she owns to be able to get out of that country with her children, so that they may once again have an opportunity to choose their future.

Human rights organizations have been trying to take up the cause of these women and more. They ‘condemn’ the Taliban’s treatment of women and they call for a ‘response’ from the international community but none is likely. Over the past two years Afghanistan has once more descended into extremist rule. They are flooded with money and stockpiles of military weaponry and equipment thanks to the Biden Administration’s choice to leave everything in the country. They can use the goods or sell them for profit. Joe Biden recently reiterated his belief the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success

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