AI Uses Tom Hanks’ Likeness Without Consent For Dental Ad

( – Actor Tom Hanks is sounding the alarm to his fans over an artificial intelligence (AI) version of him that appears in a commercial for a dental plan. The multiple-Oscar winner posted to his Instagram account a photo of the AI version of himself with text reading “BEWARE,” adding that he has nothing to do with the dental plan being promoted.

Hanks has voiced his concern over the growing influence of AI in film and television and has been reticent to approve his likeness being used in that manner. Hanks has been ‘de-aged’ in films like his 2022 feature “A Man Called Otto” but has not approved a fully AI version of himself for anything.

The actor appeared on a British podcast with comedian Adam Buxton recently and he discussed how AI is rapidly growing by leaps and bounds. He said viewers see it everywhere, the AI “face and character” created solely from a computer with no actual human actor serving as its base. Hanks said the unions and actors guilds discuss this technology often. They debate what the legal ramifications should be for an entity using a performer’s likeness, voice and other attributes for their own gain.

Hanks said that, using this technology, he could arrange an infinite number of films featuring himself as he was at 32 years old. He added that “anyone can recreate themselves” at any point in their career though “AI or deep-fake technology.” He mused on the fact that his own death would no longer preclude his appearing in new films.

Hanks said patrons would not know a likeness of him wasn’t actually him, and this is a legal issue that Hollywood and other industries must contend with. The “Forrest Gump” star believes this technology is a direct threat to creative talent. The AI issue was taken up in the recently ended actors’ union strike. They union wants stiff legal penalties for creating a person’s likeness without permission.

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