Airline Boots Passengers For Refusing To Sit On Contaminated Seats

( – Airline travel has often been the subject of jokes from comedians and something that’s not often as pleasurable as it once was. Lately, the airline industry is being viewed quite a bit more negatively than in the past. 

Whether it be passenger surveys, online videos and long blog posts about lost luggage, fist fights, rude crew and passengers, there seems to be negativity all-around flying these days. The latest story comes to us from an Air Canada flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Montreal, Canada. Fellow passengers posted to social media detailing the plight of two women who were told to sit in soiled seats or face serious consequences.

The two women approached their seats when they detected a foul odor and upon looking into what was causing it the women noticed there was vomit on and around their seats. The flight crew was aware of the substance and tried to cover the smell by dropping coffee grounds and spraying perfume around it. The two women informed the flight crew that they would not sit in vomit and something needed to be done. The flight crew told the women it was a sold out flight, no other seats were available and they would need to take those seats. After a bit of an argument, the flight attendant called for a manager.

The manager arrived and told the women the same thing, that they’d have to sit or be ejected from the flight. The women objected again saying, they should not be expected to sit on vomit for five hours. Onlookers say that after a bit of a back and forth the crew begrudgingly brought out blankets and wipes to somewhat clean and cover the expelled bodily fluid. At this point the pilot came out and told the women either they leave the plane voluntarily and arrange another flight for themselves or he would have them removed and put on the ‘no fly list.’  

Authorities arrived; the pilot described the woman as ‘rude’ and ordered them removed. Fellow passengers say the women tried to explain the situation to the now onboard police but it was to no avail. They were removed but it remains unknown if they were put on the no fly list or allowed to book and pay for another flight to Montreal.

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