Airplane Disaster Leaves Dozens Injured

Airplane Disaster Leaves Dozens Injured

( – Anyone who has ever traveled on a plane has likely experienced a bit of turbulence. The bumps while flying can be a bit alarming, considering passengers are thousands of miles in the air. Everything from changes in atmospheric pressure, weather fronts, and jet streams can contribute to the disturbances. While turbulence is normally nothing to worry about, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported the event can be dangerous.

On December 18, hundreds of passengers were on a Hawaiian Airlines flight bound for Honolulu when the vessel hit violent turbulence. The incident resulted in 36 people requiring medical attention — 11 of the injuries were serious. Most of the patients had bumps, lacerations, and bruises. Others, however, suffered head injuries, and at least one passenger lost consciousness.

The FAA said problems with turbulence typically occur when passengers aren’t wearing their seat belts. Hitting a pocket of choppy air can propel people from their seats, causing injuries. That’s part of the reason the agency has regulations in place for wearing restraining devices at certain points throughout flights.

According to Hawaii News Now, Kaylee Reyes, who was flying home with her mom, said the seatbelt light was on, but her mother hadn’t had a chance to fasten hers before the plane hit turbulence and sent her flying toward the roof.

Hawaiian Airlines COO Jon Snook indicated the incident was an isolated event, the New York Post reported he stated the company has not had such an occurrence “in recent history.”

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