Albany Braces for Standoffs as Hochul’s Agenda Unveiled

( – New York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul gave the 2024 State of State address on Tuesday January 9th and did not mention the word ‘migrant’ or ‘illegal alien’ even one time. Hochul spoke of topics like green energy, ‘renewables,’ combating felon recidivism, crime and economic woes. She promised that she would not be raising taxes on weary New Yorkers and said they are looking at programs to lessen business owners’ fear of criminals and theft of merchandise.

Hochul spent a good amount of time discussing crime; she even specifically mentioned the recent New York City stabbing of two young female tourists by a several time repeat offender. She said the state needs to be more serious about mental health issues. She then pivoted to say most violent crime is not random but is committed by people known to their victims. Hochul promises to use state resources to identify “high-risk” domestic violence perpetrators and target them. This could be her way of exploiting the recently court approved 2.13 rule which gives Hochul the right to involuntarily detain anyone her government deems worthy with no due process.

The governor addressed rising health care costs within the state by promising to widen availability or service for New Yorkers. She cited greater access to mental health professionals and blasted the deleterious effects social media has on youth. She said social media algorithms “push that darkness” onto young, vulnerable minds. She is proposing fines up to $5,000 for companies that collect and disseminate the personal data of children.

Of course Hochul spent a good deal of her speech talking about climate change and said New York specifically is warming faster than it should be. For this reason she is asking the federal government to supply her with funds to protect against coming climate-related disasters. She is continuing to push for a “sustainable future” and wants a ‘clean energy grid’ along with planting more trees.

Illegal aliens continue to flood into the state, especially into ‘sanctuary’ New York City which recently sent school children home in order to fill the school with migrants. Hochul did not address this issue specifically; the closest she came was a brief mention of New York City Mayor Eric Adams who was in attendance, and his struggle with the large number of arrivals. Adams said he met privately with the governor and is hopeful she will help with the city’s billions of dollars per year migrant expenses.

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