Americans Don’t Believe Trump Can Get A Fair Jury

( – It’s become something of a running joke that every time bad news comes out about possible Biden family corruption a new indictment comes down on Donald Trump. There are currently 91 separate indictments of Trump in four different states based on novel legal theories. 

Political insiders predicted the indictments would affect Trump’s electability as the public begins to view him as likely guilty of criminal activity. The indictment in Atlanta saw 19 people indicted including Trump’s lawyers and Donald Trump was forced to have a mug shot taken.

Recent polling shows that the American public may view Trump less as a criminal but more as a man who will not receive a fair jury trial. Ipsos conducted the poll of just over 1,000 members of the American public. The poll showed more than 70% of respondents believe Donald Trump will not be given a fair shake by juries. When digging deeper into the numbers they show people who have served on juries have a bit more faith in the jury pool than those who haven’t. 

The question posed asked if jurors would be able to put their “prior beliefs” aside and give a verdict strictly based on evidence presented. A small minority of only 28% of people said they were confident in the juror’s ability to separate their beliefs. 30% said they were “not at all confident” in the juries and 41% were tick below that saying they are “not too confident” in potential Trump jury members.    

Overall it seems the public has more faith than not in the jury system. That is changing in regard to Trump, as people see prosecutors ‘jury shopping’ by trying him in very one-sided political areas like Washington, D.C. where the potential jury pool voted 92.2% for Biden, and New York City where Biden carried 86.7% of the city. Donald Trump’s scheduled court date in Washington. D.C. being the day before ‘Super Tuesday’ will likely not change the minds of the poll’s respondents.

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