Analyzing Biden’s Late-Night Address

( – The night of February 8 ended an already bad day for Joe Biden with what many are calling a disastrous impromptu press conference. Earlier that day, Special Counsel Robert Hur released his report about the Biden classified document issues. The Special Counsel’s report stated that Biden did break the law regarding his possession and storage of classified documents from both his time in the Senate and as vice president.

However, as serious as that may have seemed, the part of the report that garnered the most attention was Hur’s position that although the law was broken, it would be wiser not to prosecute Biden because he’s a well-meaning “elderly man with a poor memory” and as such a jury would likely not convict. The media has spent the better part of three years dismissing Biden’s stumbles and numerous gaffes as coincidences and a long-standing stutter. But with this report there were little grounds to defend the incumbent president’s mental capacity.

In a maneuver that may have initially been devised as a means to control the damage done by the report and reset the narrative, the White House and Biden did something very unusual. Biden not only took questions from reporters but did so in the early evening. Biden was scheduled to speak at 7:45pm and eventually came out at around 8pm to state he has no issues with his memory and Hur was out of line to say otherwise.

Hur referenced in the report a sit-down interview he had with Biden and detailed the President’s struggles to recall when he served as vice president and when his son Beau died. During the press conference,Biden shouted that Hur never should have made reference to his late son and it had no place in the report. Biden then amazingly declared the report absolved him of any wrongdoing regarding the classified documents and said the matter is “closed.”

Things went downhill from there as reporters questioned him with more intensity than he is accustomed and Biden became combative. He shouted that he is the best person qualified to be president and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. When a reporter quoted from the report about his failing memory Biden shouted that was the reporter’s opinion and the press does not agree. He wrapped up the questioning by saying it was he who convinced the president of Mexico to let humanitarian aid into Gaza. Later, a spokesperson said Biden meant to said the president of Egypt not Mexico.

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