Another Elected New York Former Bartender Under Fire for Bizarre Comments

( – New York’s most famous elected former bartender is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the far-left House Congressional member who’s always making headlines. Well, it seems AOC may have some local competition for bizarre headlines made by an elected ex-bartender. Pat Burke is an Assemblyman representing Buffalo in western New York State. Burke is accused of regularly making off-color and even lewd comments to and about women. He’s accused of plumbing particularly low depths, as a former staffer says he rates and reacts to his own son’s underage sexual exploits. These allegations come from former staffer Nicole Golias. She says Burke made comments to her regarding watching lewd tapes his son made and then rating the girls in the videos saying if she has the right measurements. Golias who referred to the videos as “tapes” may have an ax to grind with the assemblyman however; she was one of three staffers fired in May of last year after the Buffalo supermarket shooting. She and her two colleagues were pushing the Assemblyman to make remarks decrying the incident as ‘white supremacy’ and linking it to a larger race issue in Buffalo. He declined to make a speech on this topic and after their dismissal, all three went to the supermarket to have their photo taken kneeling at the site of the shooting to highlight perceived racial grievances. Attorney General Merrick Garland has subsequently charged that shooter Payton Gendron with federal hate crimes. President Joe Bien and his wife Jill Biden traveled to the site as well and made similar remarks concerning race.

Burke is accused by his former staffer of not wanting to risk re-election by making the incident all about race. Golias also said Burke mocked a push by his fellow assembly person Monica Wallace (D-Lancaster) when she tried to form a formal commission on ‘white supremacy.’ Burke counters these allegations by saying the three were fired for insubordination and they made racially charged remarks about him, referring to his family as “lily white” which offended him as he said his family is mixed race due to his wife being Puerto Rican.

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