Another Massive Mob Heist Clears Out Macy’s

( – Flash mobs have become a regular thing especially in California and they’re only getting bolder. A flash mob is an organized group of several people, usually teens and young adults, who storm into a retail location where they steal and loot as much merchandise as they can carry. 

A Macy’s department store in Los Angeles was hit late last week in the middle of the day at around 12:30 pm. The incident was recorded and posted on social media. It shows the group of about nine thieves rush through the doors mostly wearing all-black outfits with masks and hoods. Stunned shoppers stood passively as the mob knocked over displays and hauled away massive amounts of merchandise. Once they’d filled their arms the group dashed back out the doors where two vehicles were waiting and sped away from the scene. 

In response to this rash of thefts the LA Police Department, US Marshals Apprehension Squad, the LA County Sherriff, and the FBI have formed a joint task force to try and curb this criminal activity. They say they have 22 investigators working full time strictly on the flash mobbing theft. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass calls the behavior “unacceptable” but has not called for stricter punishment for arrested thieves. Bass said that some of her citizens have been attacked and this is not a “victimless crime” spree. 

A Los Angeles Nordstrom was similarly robbed earlier in the month and saw about 30 thieves make off with over $300,000 worth of goods. One member of that crew allegedly sprayed a security guard with bear spray. The task force said they arrested 11 of the 30 but it was not made public what sort of punishment would be sought. Nordstrom has since announced that due to crime and neighborhood deterioration it’s closing both of its San Francisco stores. One of these is their five story 312,000 square foot flagship store that has been a staple of the city for decades. So far about 20 major store chains have left San Francisco due to crime and deteriorating quality of life.    

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