Archaeologists Discover 3000 Year Old Sword

( – Archaeologists made an amazing discovery in Germany last week, a 3,000 year old sword in almost immaculate condition. The sword was buried among the remains of a man, buried near a woman and what appears to be a child or young adult. 

The discovery was extraordinary not only because of the condition of the sword but because it was found at alll, as most of the area had been looted years ago. The Bronze Age sword is theorized to have belonged to a member of the Urnfield Culture which was a segment of a regional people who emerged around 1300 BC. They were a people who developed excellent weapon and armor making skills using bronze. 

The sword is constructed with a solid hilt with  an overlay cast handle over the sword’s blade. The hilt is decorated in an ornate way and the blade shows no damage, leading archeologists to believe this was likely a ceremonial sword or symbolized the high status of the owner. They further theorize that should it have been necessary the sword would have fared well in battle as a slashing weapon due to its excellent weight displacement.  

Archeologists will require more time to study the site and the sword to make a better determination of the details surrounding it. Surrounding the sword at the burial site were several arrow heads. The sword’s hilt shows a striking green color and is composed of both copper and bronze. An elemental change due to oxidation of the copper has turned the hilt to this unique shade of green. The sword which is categorized as ‘octagonal’ in design was likely made in one of three locations two of which would have been in Germany and one in Denmark, although it is possible it was imported from elsewhere and sold by a nomadic craftsman. 

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