Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Claims Pope Francis Election was Invalid

( – It seems like the number one headline everywhere these days pertains to election fraud in one way or another. Well, the Vatican is not spared a raised eyebrow when it comes to election legitimacy either. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò of Italy is alleging there may have been fraud when Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope in 2013 and became Pope Francis. 

In a recent interview Viganò said he was told by a cardinal who participated in the conclave to elect the pope that things went on during the process that would likely render Pope Francis illegitimate if made public. 

Viganò said the cardinal is reticent to go public with these claims as he believes that would break a solemn trust. Viganò does not believe it would as he said this matter is unlike the confessional and no sacred silence is assumed. But at this point no cardinal who participated in the conclave has come forward with any direct accusations of fraud in relation to the papal selection process. 

Viganò has been open about his doubts to the validity of Pope Francis since 2022 and has requested an investigation into the matter. It’s been long rumored that side deals, schemes and other arrangements may have been in play to see Bergoglio rise to pope.  Pope Francis has been outspoken in global political affairs, most often siding with what many see as the ‘globalist’ position. Gerard O’Connell, a Vatican reporter, has written about what he called a meeting of ‘progressive cardinals’ taking place in 2013 to assure a like-minded pontiff take power.        

One man who was reported to have been part of that meeting, Cardinal Kasper, has confirmed that it took place but says nothing unethical was discussed. Kasper said it’s “reasonable and normal” for cardinals to meet in small circles and measure their personal judgments and where their consciences lie. He said the men spoke, weighed things, exchanged information and eventually formed a “non-binding opinion.” He said after the meeting O’Connell wrote about none of the men involved were “bound and fixed” to any particular candidate for pope. Rumors also continue to swirl around British influence and other lobbying efforts on behalf of the now Pope Francis.  

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