Arizona Governor Temporarily Steps Down For A Day

( – Arizona recently had a Republican governor for a day but it was not Kari Lake. The acting governor was Kimberly Yee, the Arizona State Treasurer. Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs informed the treasurer that she would be out of the state for a day. The responsibility fell to the State Treasurer because Arizona does not have a lieutenant governor’s position and the Attorney General and Secretary of State were also going to be unavailable to fulfill the duties on that day.
Yee was notified via letter and said she had no intention to take advantage of the opportunity and name directors to open positions within government agencies. She said she would wait for the Democrat Hobbs to return and name “qualified directors’” to the positions.
Adding to the intrigue of this little transfer of power was the appearance of President Joe Biden in the state. Some speculated the Arizona Democrats were out of state as a way of not having to meet or be photographed with the unpopular Democratic president. Republican adversary of Katie Hobbs, Kari Lake, posted to her Twitter account that “Basement Katie” was avoiding “Basement Biden.” The only Arizona official present to greet Biden when he emerged from Air Force One was Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. Biden was in Arizona to give a speech during which he was heckled and grew annoyed by the interruption.
Biden spoke for about 30 minutes primarily about his view that American democracy is under assault from conservatives. He again reiterated his belief that January 6th was an insurrection and that he comports with the Constitution whereas Donald Trump did not. He also repeated unproven accusations that Trump referred to U.S. service people as “suckers.”
Biden praised the media, called General Mark Milley a “genuine hero,” and referred to “Maga extremists” as a specific threat to American democracy. Lake posted to Twitter that Biden’s Arizona speech was “disgusting” and said she would not be “lectured on Democracy” by someone who is using his government to jail his opponent, referring to Donald Trump.
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