Army Sergeant Gets 25 Years in Prison for Self-Defense Killing at BLM Riot

( – In April a man named Sgt. Daniel Perry was convicted of murder in a 2020 shooting he was involved in. The incident took place in Austin Texas, Perry was driving an Uber that night and upon making a turn onto a street found his car surrounded by several Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors.They began hitting and shaking it and were shouting and menacing him.

Among this BLM mob was Garrett Foster who was brandishing an AK-47 rifle. He pointed it toward Perry and which point Perry drew his firearm and shot and killed Foster. Both men were legally allowed to have those weapons on their person that night. There is video which is a bit choppy but does seem to indicate Foster did aim his weapon at Perry when standing next to his window. Despite this a Texas jury found Perry guilty of murder.

The case set off social media and people all around the country. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott announced his intention to pardon Perry at the first possible moment. Abbott referenced Texas’ strong ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws which he said cannot be nullified by leftist District Attorney’s or biased juries. Unlike other states Abbott has no authority to grant a pardon, by Texas rules the request must first go through a board of review after which the board could choose to send it to the governor at which time pardon could be granted. 

Last week a judge refused to grant Perry a new trial despite recent evidence that a juror conducted outside research regarding self defense and spoke about it with other jurors. Perry had written posts on his Facebook about how he wished he could shoot looters and restore order when the George Floyd riots were taking place. These messages were used by the prosecution to indicate some sort of premeditated action pan. With his new trial denied this week Perry was sentenced to 25 years in prison. It will now be up to the review board to send or not send it to Governor Abbott.     

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