Baby Found Alive After Tennessee Tornado

( – A family went from absolute disaster to miraculous reunion in just moments. This past Saturday, December 16th a young family of four were in their mobile home when the weather suddenly changed. Sydney Moore describes the scene as tragically surreal and overpowering.

An EF-3 level tornado suddenly formed and touched down in their Clarksville, Tennessee town. More importantly for Moore the tornado’s path led it right through their home. Once it made contact, it tore the mobile home apart. Moore said she instinctually leapt to cover her 1-year-old child with her body and was forced to watch her infant’s son’s bassinet be swept up by the whirling winds of the storm.

Moore said she screamed as her boyfriend, Aramis Youngblood, tried to pull the bassinet back down toward the ground. As he maneuvered to grab hold of it, the wind overpowered him. Moore said she watched as her boyfriend was swept out of the crumbling home as her baby lifted away.

When the powerful storm moved on Syndey Moore saw that her one-year-old was safe, then she quickly surveyed her home and absorbed its utter destruction. After she did this she moved outside the perimeter of the mobile home to find her boyfriend feet away, alive. Together they searched for the baby. Moore admits she assumed her baby had died and also accepted in her heart that the odds were very long that they’d even find his body or bassinet.

However, Moore and Youngblood received the greatest Christmas Season miracle they could have ever imagined. Within 10 minutes of looking they found their son alive in a nearby tree that had fallen in the storm. She said both she and Youngblood were overwhelmed with joy, because they “would die” for their children. The couple was left with nothing in terms of possessions but their family is whole and alive.

The baby was not injured beyond a few scratches and is doing well, Youngblood, suffered a broken arm and shoulder. The local community has pitched in to help the family as they try and rebuild their lives; they’ve donated formula, diapers and other necessities. Moore’s sister has also launched a GoFundMe page telling the family’s story and asking for any assistance people can offer to help the family rebuild their lives.

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