Biden Admin Under Fire for Not Consulting with Congress Before Airstrikes in Yemen

( – Members of both parties are heavily criticizing Joe Biden after he authorized air strikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen. Biden claims he launched the strikes aimed at Houthi rebel targets in coordination with Britain. The areas targeted are alleged to have been from where the rebels launched attacks on cargo ships traveling in the Red Sea. The strikes followed what the administration called weeks of failed diplomatic pressure.

Despite Biden’s stated reasons, many top Democrats are criticizing the strikes as potentially unconstitutional. Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), said that Biden needed to come to Congress and seek permission to launch this offensive. He said Article I of the Constitution calls for the president to make his case to Congress. He added that he stands up for the process no matter if the president is Democrat or Republican. Khanna speculated that Biden’s actions may entangle the U.S. in another decades-long military conflict in the Middle East and actions with such potentially serious ramifications must be officially sanctioned.

Likewise, outspoken Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) called Biden’s actions an “unacceptable violation” of Article I. British far left Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, echoed his American left counterparts, calling the strikes a dangerous escalation. Republican Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) added bi-partisan condemnation when he said the Constitution must be adhered to, no matter the political party of the sitting president.

The Houthi rebels responded by condemning the Western strike and declared their commitment to further disrupt shipping vessels. Houthi leaders doubled down on their pledge to aid the fighters in Gaza by assaulting cargo ships headed toward Israel. They followed through on this promise by striking another U.S. cargo ship on Monday January 15th.

Critics warn that Democrats may actually be making these statements in order to increase Biden’s authority and power. They’re cautioning that should Biden go before Congress and get Article I approval; his subsequent War Powers would give him even more latitude to act unilaterally. Biden’s administration and their British counterparts say they will not relent and should the Houthi rebels continue their aggression, they will be met with force.

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