Biden Admin Wants To Give Work Permits To Illegal Aliens

( – As Americans are getting poorer, their life expectancy goes down, and the overall outlook for their futures is as collectively bleak as at any point in recent history, the Biden Administration has identified a group they are prioritizing. The group that will be aided and helped to get jobs and move into a better lifestyle should not surprise anyone: illegal aliens. 

The Biden administration has come up with a plan after meeting with the New York Democratic governor, Kathy Hochul. They have decided to label September the “month of action” to get illegal aliens working legally in New York.

Entering the nation without authorization is an illegal act, a crime, but nonetheless this administration will be removing barriers and launch this “first-of-its-kind” program for work authorization. The plan is to get illegal aliens to apply for work authorization after residing in the country for 150 days and once they have applied they will receive the permit after 30 days. The administration will also send $100 million in tax payer money to New York for the implementation of this program. 

Robert law, who worked in the Trump administration as a senior official at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, called this maneuver “shameful.” He said it is wrong to prioritize illegal aliens in the workforce over needy Americans. The majority of illegals in New York are residing and taxing resources in New York City where Mayor Eric Adams is trying to bus thousands of migrants out of the city and into upstate and other surrounding suburban areas. Adams is actively trying to get the federal government to grant him permission to move them he said he’s “going to use that” as soon as he gets the green light and location. 

Mayors and other leaders of the designated target communities have been trying to stop it legally, citing the lack of health information, criminal backgrounds,,= or any necessary information about the mostly male demographic being forced into communities that lack the resources to handle them.  

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