Biden Administration’s Secret Talks With Maduro’s Venezuela

( – The Biden administration looks like it has made a deal directly with the Maduro administration in Venezuela. The Biden administration bypassed the opposition party and met with Maduro representatives directly. Among the issues the two sides negotiated was the rolling back of long-standing sanctions the U.S. had in place on Venezuela.

Back in October U.S. representatives along with members of the opposition party they are backing and the Muduro people met in Barbados for negotiations. It seemed as though the Maduro team was going to jilt the U.S. but at the last moment they arrived with their terms.

It’s recently come out that the Maduro regime had been working for months with the Biden administration, pre-choreographing how the deal would go. However, it seemed the negotiations would fail as the Venezuelan regime made a deal that day with their rival faction regarding elections. The Maduro regime promised fair elections would take place going forward.

It seems highly unlikely they would honor such a deal as it’s widely known that the Maduro administration followed the lead of the prior Hugo Chavez administration regarding elections, virtually assuring they will never lose.

Removing U.S. sanctions should be a financial windfall for the administration as the once rich nation has seen its citizens eating out of garbage bins due to the astonishingly high inflation. The once prosperous nation has seen the quality of life for its people decline sharply since adopting a fuller form of socialism.

The breakthrough for Venezuela regarding U.S. sanctions came after Joe Biden halted much of the U.S.’s domestic energy production. With gas prices in the country rising sharply following these moves, the U.S. turned to Venezuela to supply more energy.

Negotiations did in the end go Venezuela’s way as the Biden administration agreed to lift all sanctions on Venezuela’s oil, gas and gold operations. This occurred when negotiators agreed to remove certain members of the opposition party from the meetings and Maduro’s team finally agreed to release some political prisoners they are holding.

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