Biden Allegedly Kept Secret Cell Phone To Speak With Hunter

( – In yet another turn for the Biden family foreign dealings there is Joe Biden’s alleged secret satellite phone. A satellite phone differs from a cellular phone in that it receives and sends calls from orbiting satellites in space and not cellular antenna towers. The advantage to these phones is that they can be used anywhere in the world and have just about full global coverage. 

Government Accountability Institute’s Peter Schweizer recently stated that he found out about the secret phone paid for by Hunter Biden’s business operation and used by now president Joe Biden. Joe Biden had this phone during his time as Vice President of the United States and it was a separate number and line than his government phone and personal cellular phone. The $300 per month satellite phone would have given Biden access to unregulated communication with any person around the world from virtually any place at any time.         

Schweizer says he has shared the records of this phone with the House Oversight Committee and is hoping they are digging into to find out who Joe Biden talked to and why. Schweizer speculated that if Ukrainian business people and entities like Burisma Holdings Ltd.—where Hunter Biden had a board seat—wanted to speak with Joe Biden this is likely the number they’d have called. 

The Biden family is receiving extra scrutiny as payments in the tens of millions of dollars seem to have been flowing into their coffers over the years. These money transfers include two $5 million payments; one each to Joe and Hunter from China-based businesses. Schweizer poses the question; for what purpose was this money paid, what business was the family in and what service did they provide for these payments? 

The discovery of this ‘secret phone’ comes at the same time a text message Hunter Biden sent to Chinese business interests threatened them with political retribution from Joe Biden should they not “fulfill” their “commitment” to the Biden family. Money was sent to Hunter Biden business accounts later that night from China based accounts.  

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