Biden Looking To Open Migrant Fast-Track Pipeline Facility in Colombia

( – Perhaps being tired of having to dodge questions about soaring illegal border crossing numbers, the Biden Administration is blazing new trails in migrant importing. The administration is looking into building what they are calling a ‘welcome center’ in the country of Colombia, South America. The plan would be; the migrants head there for processing and then head to the United States free and clear. With Title 42 ending soon the Biden Administration will have even less restrictions put upon it. This would help them not only bring foreign nationals into the country but also circumvent the cartels currently running the US-Mexico border.

The administration has been using similar processing center loopholes to import over four million migrants thus far. The new facility would streamline the current process. The director of the Center for Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian, has said the current administration views immigration limits and laws as modern day racism and “Jim Crow” and thus immoral.  The 1990 immigration law passed by Congress caps legal immigration at no more than one million people entering the country in a year.

The “processing center” plan is being headed up by Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. The pro-migration official says it is “important” for the United States to facilitate “lawful pathways” for migrants looking to enter the country. A federal judge in Florida recently struck down one of Mayorkas’ migrant immigration routes and the Supreme Court is expected to rule on another route by June. Mayorkas promised to reduce on a temporary basis illegal immigrants coming across the highly dangerous Darien Gap jungle route but nonetheless announced he will double reception capacity in the area. 

President Joe Biden is expected to finally be able to cancel Title 42 on May 11th, which will remove the last few remaining legal recourses for authorities to turn migrants away. Currently, there are over one million migrants waiting in Mexico funded by the United Nations and the United States through aid. The migrants came from nations throughout the world and will head north as soon as they feel they can cross the border easily. Mayokas believes this is a good thing as he says it will help the U.S. achieve “equity” and mass immigration is a “core founding principle of our country.”      

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