Biden Starts Whining About Trump’s Win in Iowa

( – Almost immediately after Donald Trump’s record win in the Iowa Republican presidential primary caucus, Joe Biden was back on social media insulting Republican voters. Biden issued a warning to the American people about the “extreme MAGA Republicans” whom he claims are a threat to American democracy.

Biden’s message was posted to his Twitter account, it acknowledged Trump’s impressive victory and called him the “front runner” for his party’s nomination. Then the post shifted to an adversarial tone. It began with “here’s the thing” and positioned the American people and Biden as taking on “the extreme MAGA Republicans.” After that, a link was provided for people to donate money to Biden.

Trump has been balancing his Iowa win with the coming New Hampshire primary and court dates in New York City relating to a defamation case brought by E. Jean Carroll, who Trump says he does not know. Many political insiders viewed the Iowa caucus as a litmus test for Trump and his competitors. Trump captured 51% of the vote, Florida governor Ron DeSantis garnered 21% putting him second place, and former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley came in third with 19%. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy got 7% of the vote and suspended his campaign on the same night. Ramaswamy immediately gave his endorsement to Trump and joined him at a small event in New Hampshire the next day.

The largest Iowa caucus win prior to Trump was Bob Dole’s 12.8% win in 1988. Trump’s win dwarfs Dole’s and has caused most experts to concede Trump is the only GOP candidate with a path to the nomination. DeSantis vowed to stay in the race and Nikki Haley said her third place finish has made the Republican field a two-person race between her and Trump.

Biden’s overall approval continues to plummet, down now to 33% due in part to inflation rising and people tiring of foreign wars. Polling also shows that 58% of people disapprove of the job Biden has done as president.

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