Biden To Crack Down Harder on Gas Powered Vehicles

( – The Biden Administration is coming after gas powered vehicles again. Next week it is expected to unveil new federal emissions standards which will be the strictest yet. The new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules will target carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide among other restrictions for cars coming out between 2027 and 2032. The administration has already signed off on the very strict California emissions standards which will basically ban diesel-powered heavy performance vehicles from 2046 onward. California, New York and other states have also passed laws banning the sale of gas powered cars after 2035.

The EPA will be proposing more restriction on heavy-duty performance vehicles like trucks that haul goods as well as on power plants later this month. Power plants will see heavy restrictions on nitrous oxide which produces a level of smog, mostly found in Midwestern factories whose smoke blows into other states on occasion.

Automakers have been asking the administration to delay these actions as they are not able to produce enough compliant vehicles. While at the same time electric car manufacturers are pushing for more and stricter regulations as those companies benefitted greatly from the administrations “Inflation Reduction Act.” The Biden Administration is stubbornly and narrowly focused on their top priority goal of transitioning the U.S. economy to net-zero carbon by 2050.

Critics point out these goals no matter how forced are simply not realistic. Wind, nuclear and solar power are not capable of meeting the current energy demands of the nation. Changing all the processing methods would leave the country without a vast amount of goods. Experts also point to nations who are not partaking in the green initiative, as costs go up and technology can’t meet energy needs, production will simply move to those non-green nations. Those defections will further hinder the native economies. Yet, the number of companies pledging to hit net-zero grows by the month.

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