Biden’s Air Force One Mishap

( – Despite counter measures, Joe Biden once again stumbled boarding Air Force One. Video showed Biden ascending the stairs on February 20 and stumbling before reaching the top. Unlike the video that showed Biden falling three times on the stairs in 2021, this time he was able to use the handrail to stabilize himself and not collapse.

White House personnel have taken measures to try and avoid moments like these being captured on video. It was recently revealed that Biden now only uses the shorter, sturdier staircase that folds out from the midsection the airplane. It’s likewise been reported that Biden is wearing specific shoes to lessen his chance of falling down as well. Additionally, a Secret Service agent is now stationed at the bottom of staircases just in case Biden has a misstep. Statistics show that persons over the age of 65 are most often injured or killed by falls.

Biden has been captured on at least three occasions stumbling to one degree or another on stairs as well as falling off of his bicycle and on stage last June during the US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. As Biden is steadfast in his conviction to be re-elected in November, his people will need to remain vigilant during the campaign season. Biden is already viewed as too old to continue on as president by a majority of voters. As a result he must campaign more vigilantly than he did in 2016 when he was accused of “hiding in his basement” by opponents.

Biden’s physical stumbles and instability are only part of the visual issues his campaign will need to navigate. Biden rarely speaks without at least some portion of his remarks going viral on social media for the wrong reasons. He often shouts at odd moments, whispers inappropriately, freezes up, or says unintelligible words. All of these issues have caused many voters to wonder if Biden may be replaced when all is said and done as the Democrat candidate for the presidency.

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