Blockbuster Makes Fun Of Netflix Over Password-Sharing Crackdown

( – Blockbuster Video, the powerhouse video and game rental company of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, has risen from the corporate dead as an online troll of sorts. 

In its heyday Blockbuster was a national chain of brick and mortar video rental stores. As streaming became more popular, the business began to falter before eventually filed bankruptcy in 2010.

Dish Network bought the company for pennies on the dollar in 2011.. Dish permitted any privately owned Blockbuster Video stores to remain open under the name but from 2019 through today only one remains. The store is located in Central Oregon and has become something of a tourist destination, stocked with Blockbuster Video clothing and swag.

The official Blockbuster Twitter account, which had been likewise dormant, has come back to life in the last year. It’s also throwing some shade at former competitors like Netflix. The popular streaming service recently announced it will be charging customers more money to share their passwords with family or friends in different locations. 

Under the old model a paying Netflix customer had a certain amount of ‘users’ who could create profiles and access the account from anywhere. Now, any login from outside the designated ‘household’ will cost the user an additional $7.99 per month. 

Netflix also announced they would be opening a pop-up Los Angeles restaurant featuring an array of star chefs, Enter Blockbuster Twitter who asked if the Netflix restaurant will have patrons removed should one diner share their portions with another. The tweet featured an animated gif showing the Seinfeld “Soup Nazi” and his famous phrase “no soup for you.” 

The Twitter account also posts retro style references with animations and clips of celebrities asking users to “be kind, rewind” and other self-deprecating humor. The account also also recently posted a tweet wondering if Blockbuster should return as a bank which would use old VHS and DVD technology as currency.

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