Boebert Moves to Republican-Friendly Congressional District

( – Lightning rod Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert is going to run for re-election in a different Colorado district than she’s currently representing. Boebert will be running in the more GOP-favorable Colorado 4th district and leave behind the district she won by only about 500 votes, Colorado’s 3rd district. The 4th district seat opened up when the current GOP representative Ken Buck announced he will not be seeking re-election in 2024.

Boebert says she is making the move to try and thwart all the out-of-state money that has been spent in the third district to oust her. Boebert has drawn national attention throughout her time in Congress, which she believes has motivated millionaire Democrat donors to fund her opponents. She recently referenced singer Barbra Streisand and actor Ryan Reynolds as two large donors who do not live in her district but nonetheless fund her opposition as a means to get her out of Congress.

Critics within the GOP say Boebert is surrendering a GOP seat to Democrats by moving to a safer GOP district. Boebert disagrees with this charge; she believes a Republican who is not her stands a better chance than she would due to the specific targeting she receives. She said “dark money” is being spent to destroy her both professionally and personally in order to “steal” her seat.

Boebert said the past year was quite difficult for her personally and professionally as well. She notes her divorce and embarrassing viral video that spread of her being a bit frisky on a date. She said the decision to move districts was not an easy one but plans to move into the neighboring district prior to Election Day.

The Democrat challenger in Colorado’s 3rd District, Adam Frisch, who narrowly lost in 2022 and is running again in 2024 says he does not care who the GOP puts against him. He says Colorado’s 3rd District voters will vote for him because he represents their values.

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