Border Patrol Sees Caravans Daily

( – Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, is painting a very dystopian and frightening picture of the current state of the U.S. southern border. Judd says the number of migrants crossing the border and being given access to the country and its resources is staggering and is ever-increasing. He notes the current caravan of more than 8,000 people headed to the border would once have been an astonishing number but is now a standard, almost daily occurrence.

Judd singles out Christmas Day of 2023 as a barometer of the issue. He says typically Christmas Day is the slowest day of the year at the border but this year they apprehended about seven times more people than they normally would. The caravans are depleting Border Patrol resources below what they need to function.

Judd said that every time a caravan of thousands of illegal aliens cross the border the Biden Administration protocol is to process them, take them to American hospitals if necessary, and typically release them into the interior of the country. Every time this is done, Border Patrol personnel are pulled away from the border and the Mexican cartels claim more territory. The cartels are running a very profitable drug and human smuggling operation due to the current state of the border.

Judd says while Border Patrol agents are transporting thousands of aliens around, another group of aliens, those who want to avoid the patrol known as ‘got aways,’ cross over. These are usually people who are citizens of nations hostile to the United States. Judd says this is also when the massive quantities of fentanyl and other narcotics are brought over and unleashed onto the American populace.

According to Judd, it is hard enough to match people to the terrorist watch list because the numbers crossing are so high, but it’s particularly disheartening knowing how many thousands cross over that no one sees. One such person was found in the trunk of a car being smuggled into Texas by the state’s Department of Public Safety; the alien was a known enemy of the Unites States and was reportedly on the terrorist watch list. Judd says they have scant resources to protect the American people from the danger the open border brings.

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