Boston Council Member Alarms Liberal Colleagues With Bizarre Tirades

( A Boston city council member has created an “unhealthy” environment after calling for a revolution against a “white backdrop” that exists in the United States. A city hall employee has anonymously related concerns to the press regarding the city council member Tania Fernades Anderson. She was elected into the position in November of 2021 and describes herself as the first “formally undocumented African” to hold the position in Boston’s city council.

The anonymous city hall employee describes Anderson as an unsettled person who intimidates people to fall in line by alleging her colleagues are racist. The employee said the intimidation is effective because people don’t want to have a conflict with her due to her unpredictability. According to the source, Anderson has been frequently attempting to pass resolutions that condemn Israel. The source said Anderson has made antisemitic statements and her focus on Israel has harmed her ability to properly do her job.

Anderson reportedly told colleagues to toughen up while using expletives in a text message. She said it is necessary to use this kind of language to dismantle and restructure the system that has white people in control. She said it should be changed to be more welcoming to people of color. She also has said she is in the position as a city council member to represent every black woman and man in the community.

A viral video of Anderson’s swearing in ceremony purportedly shows her not raising her right hand or saying the oath of office. In response to the video, Anderson said she was internalizing the oath and didn’t feel the need to say the words out loud.

Anderson, in one statement at the city council, warned her colleagues not to come for her. She said they will “get smoke” if that’s what they want. Democratic members of the council are concerned about her statements. At least one member said Anderson is intimidating and her comments seem like a threat.

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