British Pianist’s Viral Clash with CCP Officials

( – A viral video coming out of London shows an interesting interaction between a Chinese film crew and a musician playing piano in a public location. Brendan Kavanaugh is a well-known YouTuber with over 2 million followers who often plays among the public. Recently, he was playing at a London shopping mall when a few Chinese onlookers went from watching, to complaining, to accusing, and then to threatening Kavanaugh.

The Chinese nationals were standing and listening to Kavanaugh play music like many other onlookers. However, things took a turn when they asked if they were being filmed, Kavanaugh replied that he always records his performances for YouTube. It was then that the Chinese people told Kavanaugh that they work for Chinese media and it is forbidden for their faces to be filmed and broadcast anywhere.

Kavanaugh was initially confused by their objections and asked them to clarify what they meant. A woman among the group tells Kavanaugh that he must stop filming and never show it. Kavanaugh asks them if they will get in trouble with the Chinese government and then says Chinese laws don’t carry any weight in London.

A man among the group steps in and tells Kavanaugh they would very much appreciate him not showing their faces. Kavanaugh again asks them what will happen if he shows their faces. The man responds by saying “just don’t do it.” He then changes his manner to a slightly more aggressive tone and says that Kavanaugh has no right or consent to show their faces and they are denying him permission. He warns Kavanaugh that legal action may follow if he refuses to comply.

Kavanaugh does not respond well to this tack and informs them that he is in a free country, “not in Communist China” and will not be complying with their requests. The man again changes his approach and calls Kavanaugh a “racist” for refusing. One woman was holding a Chinese flag that Kavanaugh motioned toward and asked her why she’s holding it.

This is the point where the Chinese people got very animated and accused Kavanaugh of trying to touch the woman and all the parties become louder. Police arrived to settle things down, the Chinese man told the police that Kavanaugh was being aggressive toward them, called him racist and accused him of trying to touch the woman. The police surprisingly admonished Kavanaugh for his tone and choice of words but in the end said he was within his rights to show the video.

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