Byron Donalds Pushes Trump’s IVF Stance

( – An Alabama court ruling has suddenly added a new hot button topic to the political discourse: in vitro fertilization (IVF). The court ruled that frozen embryos should be considered “extrauterine children” meaning that they are children located outside of a womb. IVF treatments often feature a doctor taking the egg from a woman and the sperm from a man, fertilizing them in a petri dish, and then implanting the fertilized egg inside the would be mother if it’s determined to be viable.

Likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump immediately took a position on the issue. He said he supports the decision and believes IVF is a wonderful thing. Trump said anything that helps couples to become parents is a good thing. After his public remarks, Trump said he received praise from several associates who agree with his stance. New York-born Florida Republican Representative Byron Donalds was asked if he agreed with Trump and he said he enthusiastically does. Donalds called IVF “critical” for a large number of couples who are unable to conceive and start families. Donalds said IVF is “a great thing” and he wants other members of the GOP to echo Trump’s sentiments.

Nikki Haley who is running a distant second to Trump initially said we need to “be careful” about decisions like that and referenced her desire for a national “consensus” on abortion. Later Haley said she believes life begins at conception and thus an embryo is life.

The issue relates to abortion for many on the left because they feel this ruling will lead conservatives to want new legislation for IVF. They say if Republicans deem an IVF embryo as life, then they will look institute a new set of protections for all IVF procedures and that would be restricting to women. Often doctors will fertilize several sperm and egg combinations and only implant the one they feel is most viable, potential legislation may make this more complicated and restrictive according to critics.

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