Bystander Films An Instant Karma Incident

( – There’s an Instagram account called “Tourons of Yellowstone” which shows tourists making unwise decisions related to animals in the park. “Tourons” is a hybrid word created for this account drawing together ‘tourist’ and ‘morons’ to form the word that best describes the subjects of the content. 

The latest video shows two men on camera and at least two men off camera. The video opens at night with a large moose on a slight snowy incline reaching up to a tree and eating at the branches. Two men stand several feet from it; one is holding a beverage the other is standing further with his hands in his pockets. 

It’s at this point the people videotaping the scenario actually wind up escalating the situation. Instead of saying “be careful” or “moose will attack” they begin by shouting expletives ordering the men to move and they calling them “f-ing idiots” and similar. At that point the men near the moose begin to heckle back at the men shouting at them. They can be heard saying things like “is this your moose,” after which the man taping again uses expletives and calls the others stupid. At first the men try and laugh the insults off but then the people videoing the moose start to bait the men by saying “go ahead try it” and other challenges.

The situation then turns into an exchange of sarcastic statements shouted between the parties. The men near the moose then make a foolish choice to try and show up the men shouting at them. Again, shouting sarcastically “uh-o I’m moving closer,” the two begin to encroach on the moose’s space while it’s eating. The moose looks at the men and continues to eat. 

However, as things escalate one man makes the unwise decision to touch the moose on its hind area. They tried to run away immediately afterwards but slipped on the icy street and the moose easily chased the man down and began to kick at him. As the large animal kicked at the man the individuals filming shouted “YES” and “GET HIM” apparently urging the moose to severely hurt the man as though it understood them. 

The rest of the action takes place out of sight. Most of the comments to the video were happy to see the animal hurt the man. Unlike most animals, moose will not run when threatened, but will charge the threat. This is why it is the animal that injures the most Americans on average per year. 

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