California Cliff Landslide Threatens Multimillion-Dollar Homes

( – A recent California landslide has left three extravagant homes hanging on a cliff’s edge. The three homes are located in Dana Point resting atop Scenic Drive. Heavy rains have been hitting the area of late and a subsequent landslide eroded some of the property and left the homes looking perilously close to falling down the cliff.

The homes are large, sprawling living spaces. One of them is built on descending levels of the cliff. Many have an estimated value of nearly $16 million each. Helicopter footage shows the erosion caused by the rain that washed out the homes’ backyards and now expose part of their foundations. Surprisingly, Dana Point home inspectors surveyed the properties and said there is no danger from living in them. Locals and onlookers told reporters they would not feel comfortable living in the houses at this time.

One homeowner told the local news that his home was not “red-tagged” by the city and he feels it is secure. Local authorities say that until now the damage has been minimal as the eroded land and debris fell below to an uninhabited beach area. They said lateral beach access remains unaffected and after the inspections they feel no structures are currently in jeopardy.

This landslide is reminiscent of one that occurred in Palos Verdes, California in July of 2023. A landslide on that peninsula destroyed several very expensive homes and left several with damaged roofs, chimneys, walls, and decks. In the aftermath of the landslide the state red-tagged at least 12 homes and evacuated several others. Ten homes in the area were dislodged and slid away to entirely different locations due to the force of the landside.

Residents were left with needing to quickly find a place to go and were panicked that their insurance may not cover what occurred. Older residents remembered a similar Rancho Palos Verde landslide in 1956 that destroyed about 150 homes. A U.S. Geological Survey conducted in conjunction with California Geological Survey attribute the landslide events in Southern California to complex landscapes that include steep slopes, earthquakes, non-hard rock, sedimentary soil, and water percolation.

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