California Judge Supports Temecula School District Policies

( – California’s liberal Democrat governor Gavin Newsom has been dealt a blow in his battle with a stubborn school district’s desire to opt out of his mandates. Newsom is a proud spokesman for most all far-left policies, especially those concerning race and sexuality issues. However, the Temecula Unified School District is proving difficult to subjugate.

The district is opposed to teaching children Critical Race Theory (CRT) theories and subjects. CRT is the belief that America’s founding and institutions are all inherently racist. It would have children believe that they must see and acknowledge race in all things. The Temecula District rejected this premise and chose not to teach the children to view things in such a manner.

As a result they were sued by a left-wing law firm called Public Counsel for “violating students’ rights.” Last week, Superior Court of Riverside County’s Judge Eric Keen ruled in favor of the school district and denied the proposed temporary injunction that Public Counsel was seeking. Keen’s eight-page ruling explained that Temecula’s curriculum is plainly laid out and states which specific elements of CRT will not be taught and gives sound reasoning for its decision.

In addition to CRT the Temecula District would not comply with the state’s mandate that schools not inform parents if their child is asking to be identified by another gender. Keen also sided with the district on this matter by saying they may do this because they are not limiting parental notification to gender issues. He ruled that since they notify parents of any request a student makes that would alter their official record, it is within the law.

Newsom has been battling the school district over these issues as well as his demand that children be taught about specific LGBTQ people of the past and present. Again, the district did not comply, specifically regarding former San Francisco politician, Harvey Milk, who one board member called a “pedophile” due to his relationship with a 16-year-old when he was in his mid 30’s. Newsom fined the district $1.5 million for removing Milk from the curriculum. Other districts have also begun to defy Newsom’s edicts especially regarding a parent’s right to know, which polls at 84% among California voters.

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