Candace Owen Plans to Skip Barbie Movie

( – Conservative pundit Candace Owens will not be one of the many people adding to the high gross made by the film Barbie starring Margot Robbie. Owens says she doesn’t fault anyone who chooses to see the film but it’s not suited to her taste. She says the current ‘anti-man’ messaging in society and of this film are misguided. 

Owens says the myth of the patriarchy and the false impression of the subjugation of women are actually oppressing men. Owens likens this to her position on the “MeToo” movement which she believes was overblown and targeted men unfairly. 

On her podcast Owens detailed her belief that many women are currently conditioned to view men in their lives as ‘abusers’ if they disagree or say anything the woman don’t like. Owens then shared a review of the film which she felt provided enough information to warrant skipping the film. The review depicts a two hour journey into “extended misandry” with some dances and jokes mixed in. 

The review by Sarah Vine of the Daily Mail details the Barbie movie’s male characters as being some combination of idiots, bigots or sad, pathetic losers. She writes that were the roles reversed and the movie depicted woman as neurotic, hysterical or gold-digging by a male director it would certainly not be receiving any praise. 

Vine’s review gives broad strokes of a plot where “Ken” becomes a power mad villain organizing an “incel” rebellion against the female “Barbies” and the only hope for survival is the women teaming up to put these Kens back in their boxes to achieve peace. Owens says the feminist director’s vision of the world and roles men should assume don’t match hers nor do they match the future she wants for her son. Owens rejects the notion that men and women should strive for “sameness” but should instead complement each other in different ways.

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