Carjacking Surge Hits Home for Congressman Cuellar

( – Violence is nearing all time highs across the nation. It seems every day that violent street crime is spreading, and it’s getting criminals lots of attention on social media.

Compounding the issue are several district attorneys who choose not to prosecute criminals or deal with the mentally unstable. Many city mayors lobby for and enact no-bail systems as well, so even if a criminal is caught, that person is often freed quickly. Despite the obvious problems, many politicians, particularly within the Democrat party, deny this is occurring and will often try and turn it around on the people who point it out and label them as ‘racist’ or a ‘conspiracy theorists.’

Washington D.C. would fit the profile of a Democrat run city that has seen its street crime numbers skyrocket in recent years. The mayor, Muriel Bowser, has openly supported anti-law enforcement groups like Black Lives Matter, even going so far as to paint giant BLM letters on a city street and creating “Black Lives Matter Plaza” in D.C.’s downtown area.

Politicians are usually shielded and protected from the sort of violence that others must contend with until some recent incidents. Texas House Democrat Henry Cuellar, an open critic of law enforcement, was parking his car in D.C. last week when he was approached by three men. They brandished handguns at the congressman and demanded he turn over his car and cellular phone to them, Cuellar complied and was luckily unharmed. His stolen car was later recovered by authorities.

Cuellar’s brush with the reality of current city life was not the only such incident a politician has been faced with recently. In February of this year Minnesota Democrat Congresswoman Angie Craig was confronted and assaulted inside the elevator of her apartment building. The assailant hit her in the chin and grabbed her around the throat, Craig said “he wasn’t going to let me out” she was able to escape only after throwing her hot coffee in his face. Neither attack was politically motivated but were random acts of violence the congress-people were unlucky enough to have encountered.

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