Carlson Addresses Putin Interview Rumors

( – Media personality Tucker Carlson has recently been spotted around Russia, including being photographed while attending a show at the Bolstoi Theater. Speculation and rumors were quickly flying all throughout social media that Carlson may be in the country to have a sit down interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Later video surfaced of a local Russian asking Carlson if he would be interviewing Putin. Carlson responded by telling the person he loved the city of Moscow and that “we’ll see” if an interview with the Russian president would be forthcoming.

Along with the internet speculation many in the media began to criticize Carlson and blast him for potentially talking to Putin. Newsweek’s Jason Fields wrote an editorial saying Putin should not be interviewed and Americans should not watch it if he is. He said Carlson’s interviewing Putin is both “unnecessary and unhelpful.” Former congressman and January 6 committee member Adam Kinzinger posted to his Twitter “he is a traitor” above photos of Carlson in Russia.

Carlson put the speculation to rest when he released a video just under five minutes in length explaining why he was in Russia. The former Fox News host stood on a balcony with part of the Russian skyline lit up behind him and confirmed he will be interviewing Putin. Carlson described the risks associated with such an interview but said they were outweighed but the journalistic necessity of speaking with Putin.

Carlson said people should be better informed about the war between Russia and Ukraine, especially considering the financial investment made by the American government on behalf of Ukraine. Carlson said this war has upended the world economy and “reshaped global military and trade alliances.” Carlson spoke of his belief that media coverage must be more than flattering interviews of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with no time given to the position of the other side.

Carlson said his Putin interview will be run in its entirety on the Twitter platform and his website for free with no pay-wall. Carlson said he has also offered President Zelensky the opportunity to interview with him. Many on the left rebutted Carlson’s video explanation by saying he should be arrested immediately if he tries to return to the United States.

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