Caught on Camera: TV Anchor’s Live Middle Finger

( – One the BBC’s top presenters seems to have been caught in an off-color moment. Maryam Moshiri was about to go on air live, as the final graphics rolled but when they finished Moshiri was seenwith her head cocked to the side, eyes wide open, smirking with her middle finger extended. She quickly realized they graphics had ended, readjusted her position and began the news by voicing a piece on Boris Johnson’s recent admission of “pain and loss” caused by coronavirus lockdowns.

In total the finger gesture was only visible for about one second. However, that did not stop people in the audience from capturing the moment and spreading it throughout social media. One wrote that Moshiri earned an 8.5 out of 10 for her finger delivery. Another remarked that is how many viewers feel about the BBC. A third tried to defend Moshiri by saying she was likely aiming the gesture at one of the on-set cameramen.

It seems that last commenter may have been the closest to the mark according to Moshiri. She says she was having a laugh with the crew. Moshiri said as the director was counting down the final 10 seconds before the shot would go live, she was simultaneously counting down with her fingers and that was her signal for one second remaining.

Moshiri has apologized for any offense that anyone may have taken. She says it was just an inside joke and was never intended to go over the air and been seen by viewers.

Last May another BBC newscaster, Lukwesa Burak, was similarly caught unaware and embarrassed live on air. Burak had introduced a news segment about news across the UK. As it ended Burak, wearing a tank top, lifted her arms and said “yay.” Once she realized that was captured live, she was visibly embarrassed and looked quietly from side to side before shifting her eyes downward and clenched her jaw for several moments. Burak eventually looked up and began a segue to the next story.

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