CBS Suggests Eating Bugs To Fight Climate Change

( – It may seem like a comedy sketch of some sort but the “CBS Saturday Morning” feature which ran last week was serious. The report centered on how people should look to add insects to their diets as a means of helping offset the effects of climate change. Climate ‘experts’ are looking for ways to counter meat eating; they prefer people ingest soybean-derived protein along with other high carbon foods and begin the practice of insect farming.

The host of the segment Dana Jacobsen said eating insects may be a “game changer” in terms of the environment and protecting the planet. The reporter named Tina Kraus gleefully demonstrated how people should begin to add insects to their kitchen meal preparations. She referred to insects as “protein packed pests” and offered them as a potential solution to global food issues.

A scientist featured in the piece claimed it’s not about wanting people to eat bugs as much as it would be good to use bugs as a new animal feed. He too tried to sell the notion that insects are high in protein, even referring to them as a “perfect tool” and saying they are the key to “make the world” better and believing these bugs can have a wide array of uses. Kraus further stated it’s estimated that roughly 1.2 trillion insects are being raised on farms currently. She says this “booming” industry has researchers busy looking for even more climate friendly uses for them.

Celebrities like Nicole Kidman have taken to social media to demonstrate and advocate for the human consumption of insects. She along with activists believe insects are suited to handle the coming warmer climates and are the answer to mankind’s survival. Citizens of the United States are thus far resistant to being told they need to start consuming insects.

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