Cher Says Her Son’s Life Is at Risk

( – World-famous singer and actress Cher believes she needed to take her recent drastic measures regarding her son in order to keep him alive. Cher’s son with the late Allman Brothers musician Gregg Allman, Elijah Blue Allman, 47, is in dire straits due to years of substance abuse according, to his mother. Cher filed for conservatorship over Elijah Blue Allman’s affairs and his financial resources.

The documents filed by Cher read in part that making her conservator is “urgently needed” to protect her son’s assets and livelihood. Cher’s filing states that her son is not capable of handling his affairs due to “severe mental health and substance abuse issues.” The filing further states that Elijah Blue’s now-estranged wife, performer Marieangela King, who uses the stage name “Queenie,” is likewise unfit to manage his affairs due to the couple’s pattern of drug addiction and their unsteady relationship.

The paperwork states that Cher has repeatedly attempted to get her son the help she feels he needs to move past his addictions. Cher’s filing says that she has been unable to work this matter out with her son on a temporary basis because of his deteriorating metal and physical condition.

The “Moonstruck” actress opened up last October about her son’s issues following accusations made by her son’s wife that four men were hired by Cher to remove Elijah Blue from a New York City hotel room the couple was sharing in November of 2022. King, 36, says one of these allegedly hired men told her that Cher sent them. King said at that time she and Elijah Blue had been together for just under two weeks as they tried to reconcile their marriage. Cher has denied hiring anyone to remove her son from the hotel.

The “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” singer says she understands what “millions of people” in the United States feel when their child is battling addiction. She says she believes it is her job to do all she can to help and aid her children.

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