Child MURDER Case Solved? – Police Make Sudden Arrest!

Police Arrest Suspect in Infamous Case of Murdered Girls

Police Arrest Suspect in Infamous Case of Murdered Girls

( – On February 14, 2017, 13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German were found murdered near the Delphi Historic Trails in Indiana. Although there were a few people of interest over the years, the case remained unsolved. Clues left by the teens caused amateur detectives to try to piece together the tragic event in hopes their efforts would assist police in an arrest. On October 26, police apprehended 50-year-old local Richard Allen for the crime. Two days later, officials charged him with multiple counts of felony homicide.

Details About the Murders

Nearly six years ago the pair was dropped off at the Indiana trail for a hike that should have lasted only a few hours, but the friends never returned. A search ensued, and a volunteer found their bodies the next day, a short distance away from the trail. Few details were released regarding the condition of the remains beyond the fact that the scene was bloody, and the killer likely took a souvenir.

The property where the girls were found belonged to Ron Logan. Authorities searched his home in March 2017, looking for evidence of his involvement in the murders of the young girls. Despite his flimsy alibi and proximity to the crime scene, Logan was never an official suspect or charged with the killings. In 2021, another person appeared on the police’s radar — Kegan Anthony Kline. He was apparently caught communicating with multiple underage girls under a false identity online but was never charged in the homicide case.

The Allen Arrest

During their adventure, Williams and German took some images and shared them on Snapchat — which may have led to a break in the case. The photos showed a hefty man walking toward them, and audio captured the person’s voice. Sketches of the suspect were plastered all over town with the hope that someone would recognize the man and turn him in to authorities.

Apparently, Allen took a selfie with his wife in a local bar, and behind him was a wanted poster for the crime. The drawing looked nothing like the suspect does today, and no one who knew him had any clue of his possible involvement. Bob Matlock, the bar owner, said he was shocked by the arrest. He reportedly talked about the murder with Allen many times over the years, having no clue the patron could have been involved.

Allen, a local pharmacist who used to work at CVS, claims he is innocent of the charges and is not cooperating with police. Authorities have been tight-lipped about his arrest so as not to damage the case. Superintendent of Indiana State Police Doug Carter said the investigation is ongoing, and he will not “jeopardize” their progress by revealing too much. Local prosecutor Nicholas McLeland called the arrest a “step in the right direction.” Libby German’s sister responded to the arrest by tweeting, “We got him.”

The defendant will appear in court again in January 2023, with a presumed trial date of March 20, 2023.

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