Children’s Bodies Found in Concrete, Arrests Follow

( – A couple in Colorado has been arrested and charged in relation to the murders of two young children. Jesus Dominguez, 35, and his girlfriend Corena Rose Minjarez, 36, were both arrested and face charges of murder in the first-degree, abuse of a corpse and theft of government benefits.

The murdered children Jesus Dominguez’s own; 5-year-old Jesus Jr. and 3-year old Yesenia. Both children were reported missing in 2018 and there had been no trace of either since. That changed on January 20th when a metal container filled with hardened concrete located in a Pueblo, Colorado storage facility was discovered. A special investigative police unit found and then identified human remains located within the concrete as belonging to Yesenia.

On January 31 both Minjarez and Dominguez were interviewed by police. Dominguez was arrested for an outstanding warrant and held by authorities while they looked into the death of Yesenia and tried to locate Jesus Jr. During the interview the couple said the children were likely in Phoenix, Arizona, but this was an empty lead. Authorities did learn that Minjarez had a vehicle that was then at a local junk yard.

Police located that vehicle and found a suitcase in the trunk that contained the remains of Jesus Jr. After the body was identified an arrest warrant was issued for Minjarez and she was arrested later that day. Jesus Dominguez had been released despite the prior warrant but was re-arrested on the following day, February 17th, and both are now being held on a $2 million bond.

Jesus Dominguez was the biological father of the children, Minjarez was not the biological mother to either child but was dating Dominguez. The storage unit had belonged to the couple but they were evicted from it over non-payment of the rental fee. Police added that Dominguez was applying for public benefits related to the children using the loophole of them being unaccounted for prior to being located. Dominguez had been receiving other tax-payer funded assistance payments for the children for the duration of the time there were missing. Hearings for the couple were scheduled for February 28th.

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