China Suggests Possible Military Operation in Taiwan

China Suggests Possible Military Operation in Taiwan

Chinese MILITARY Operation Planned? – What We Know

( – Speculation has grown over whether China’s leaders might be planning to make a move on Taiwan in the months since Russian troops invaded Ukraine. After all, the mainland views the island nation as its own in much the same way the Kremlin sees its sovereign neighbor. China’s Ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, recently spoke about the matter, giving the world a clue about the Asian country’s intentions.

On September 6, Qian’s interview with “7.30” Host Sarah Ferguson aired. During the discussion, the host asked the ambassador about a previous comment he made regarding China’s unification with Taiwan. She asked if the country would invade the island to reunify with it, to which the representative responded it wasn’t not out of the question. However, Qian balked at the term “invasion,” clarifying that Taiwan belonged to China and a “peaceful reunification” would be ideal.

The diplomat said the country has been waiting for 70 years for the two to become one, proving China’s patience. The ambassador’s previous words about keeping all options on the table was a “warning” to Taiwan independence secessionists attempting to stand in the way of reuniting the nations.

The mainland has laws in place to prevent the secession of the island. After China and Taiwan reunited, Qian contended that anyone who broke those laws would face punishment. He affirmed that citizens who re-merged with the motherland would be “re-educated.”

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