Clinton Raises Concerns About Putin’s 2024 Plans

( – It must be election season because Hillary Clinton is back and making the rounds on various programs. She recently appeared with the former Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki on her MSNBC show, “Inside with Jen Psaki.” 

The former New York senator proceeded to do what she most often does, opining that the 2016 presidential election she lost to Donald Trump was rigged by ‘the Russians,’ and that Trump is gearing up to team up with them again for the 2024 election. She said the Russians are “quite adept” at stealing American presidential elections and Trump will engage with them to “do it again.” Clinton has not been labeled an “election denier” for these statements despite lack of evidence and the prior disproven allegations of the same nature. 

Clinton also pointed the finger at people she labeled as Putin “apologists and enablers” in the United States. She said many Americans are pawns of the Putin propaganda without knowing it, and she believes people who don’t support Ukraine would fall into this category. Clinton says Americans must “reject” growing “fascism and authoritarianism,” although she didn’t define in what way she meant this. The former presidential candidate believes the American public needs it “explained” to them that Putin is evil.

Hillary Clinton then went on to play psychologist as she described Donald Trump as engaging in “projection” when he claims he’s innocent and the current slew of charges against him are inflated by political adversaries. Clinton then seemingly perform mind-read Trump by saying that if he denies something that it’s “almost a guarantee” that Trump is either doing something wrong, thinking about it, or he’s already done it. She then called Trump a “serial liar” and said people should assume his statements are untrue. Psaki did not challenge Clinton on any of these statements or assertions.    

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