“Come Dine With Me” Star Found Deceased, Fans Devastated

(Daily360.com) – On June 15, 2022, a former contestant from the show “Come Dine With Me,” Nicholas Paul Blything, was found deceased in his home. He was only 36 years old. At the time, neither the media nor the family released many details about his sudden death. In fact, his brief obituary stated his family and friends would miss him dearly.

On January 9, officials released more information about the end of Blything’s life. The investigation showed the former contestant took his own life. Even more devastating, The Sun reported Detective Sergeant Paul Davies said the deceased’s brother, Richard, was the one who discovered him after he passed. According to Cheshire Live, their sister was worried about Mr. Blything because they hadn’t spoken, so the brother traveled to the house to check on him.

That’s when he made the unfortunate discovery. He then reported his loved one to the police.

Coroner Claire Welch said there were two suicide notes found in the home, which made it clear he wanted to end his life. She ruled his official cause of death was suicide by hanging.

Apparently, Blything had recently suffered from mental health issues and received treatment after telling his friend he was considering jumping “off a cliff.” He was reportedly also dealing with PTSD, but his family insisted he was getting better from his medication and believed he no longer wanted to hurt himself.

The coroner read a statement Richard Blything made in regard to his brother. He said Nicholas was “buoyant” before his death, shopping and taking care of his pet and his home. Welch said he was clearly looking toward the future. Unfortunately, his notes revealed life had become too much for him. He reportedly apologized to his loved ones for leaving them in this manner.

In November 2022, “Come Dine With Me” paid tribute to the former contestant. The Mirror reported that many fans posted their condolences on social media after the show.

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