Conservatives Slam Biden as ‘Election Denier’ Over Remark

( – Should Joe Biden now label himself an election denier and will the media follow suit? That could be the big question following a remark Biden made during a speech in Virginia. While speaking to the crowd, Biden acknowledged Democrat politician Terry McAuliffe and while doing so referred to him as Virginia’s “real governor.”

McAuliffe lost a highly publicized gubernatorial race to Republican Glenn Youngkin in 2021, turning a traditionally blue state to red. After the jibe Biden continued on with his remarks and was joined by his vice president Kamala Harris. Biden did his typical “I’m Jill’s husband” quips and told the crowd that he is their champion for what he calls reproductive rights.

However, it was not his stance on abortion that drew headlines and reaction; it was his “real governor” line. Conservative commenters took to social media and reminded the media that any questioning elections is considered a “threat to democracy.” Others wrote that by his own beliefs, Biden should probably be removed from the Virginia election ballot. While still more said that remark makes Biden an “insurrectionist” by denying that election result. Clay Travis of wondered how our democracy will survive this statement.

Fox news commentator Guy Benson noted that in the midst of Biden promoting tax-payer funded and ninth-month abortions on demand, he tossed in “casual election denialism.” Republican House leader Elise Stephanik (NY) said Biden was an “election denier in more ways than one.” Perhaps the best response of all came from the actual governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, who took to Twitter and quoted the video of Biden with his written comment of “Mr. President, I’m right here.”

The White House responded by saying Biden was making a joke and was referring to McAuliffe’s serving as governor prior to Youngkin. They also said Biden is aware that Youngkin is governor and has worked with him in a bi-partisan manner.

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