CPAC Witnesses Trump-Milei Alliance for Argentina

( – A video showing the two MAGA men meeting and embracing at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) over the weekend was the talk of the event. The men were former president Donald Trump and the newly elected president of Argentina, Javier Melei.

They met backstage where an obviously star-struck and excited Melei embraced Trump, patted him on the shoulders and back several times. Trump returned the energy and the two leaders exchanged compliments. After a few moments, Trump leaned into the camera of the person filming the meeting and repurposed his signature phrase saying, “make Argentina great again” to the delight of Melei. The Argentinean president made headlines of his own last week when he announced he’d balanced his nation’s budget, something most experts thought would be an impossible feat at any point, especially after only a few months.

As the pair turned to pose for a few photos Trump again repeated “make Argentina great again,” to which Melei excitedly replied “long live freedom, damn it,” a phrase he’s known for saying in his home country. Despite having met with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken the day prior to seeing Trump, Melei told Trump that he was a “very great president” and then expressed his desire for Trump to return to the Oval Office this year.

After meeting with Blinmken it’s been reported that the US ambassador to Argentina, Marc Stanley, advised Melei not to attend CPAC because it is “too political.” Melei ignored that suggestion and gave an hour-long-speech centering on economic theories and the power of the free market over government controlled economies.

Melei ended his CPAC speech as he often ends speeches by slamming leftism. He warned the crowd not be “led by mermaids singing social justice” and then said if you don’t fight for freedom you will live in misery. Melei said he was honored to speak at CPAC and noted that he did not address the presidential race but spoke in general about his beliefs.

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